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Jun 24, 2018


Also the moms who are like “let’s cut out gluten to stop autism” are one step away from not vaccinating one step past GMO fears and 2 steps past astrology.

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Some Ideas For Consideration On Quick Tactics Of [astrology]

A Detailed Breakdown Of Picking Vital Factors In

Astrologer Chani Nicholas On Healing And Building A More Liberated Future

I didn’t know exactly how it would work out. But going through the experience, I had the framework, I had the language, I had that to hold me through it. And so every experience I had, I could be like, “Yep, that’s what this is. That totally matches that thing.” And so A, this is a wild time, but B, it also matches the archetypal experience that we’re supposed to go through, that I’m supposed to go through. It’s really hard to know that our pain will subside at some point if we don’t seek the healing that we need and do the work necessary. Astrology doesn’t relieve us from that pain. It doesn’t do the work of the healing. But it does tell us when things might subside. And I know that if I do my work with it, it’ll become a really important turning point for me. You seem to approach astrology from a queer, feminist lens. In your opinion, is astrology an inherently feminist queer practice? I don’t think it is.

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